2018 Uganda ODW trip to Moyo

Strømme Foundation fights poverty

Our vision is a world free from poverty

Great things can happen when many share one common vision! Our ambition is to help the poorest and most marginalised, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender, disability or other minority status, so that they can take charge of their own lives.

Our mission is to eradicate poverty

With a deep respect for human dignity and a conviction concerning the value of equitable partnerships, Strømme Foundation works to empower the most marginalised and those left behind in society, including women, children and people with disabilities. 

Creating opportunities

We strive to facilitate change, not only by meeting material needs, but also in particular by creating opportunities for people to utilise their talents in a wide-spaced development process and take charge of their own lives and communities. We also strive to approach people with openness and respect, regardless of religion, ethnicity, caste, gender, disability or other minority status.

All programmes mainstream our cross-cutting issues of gender equality, environment and climate change, inclusion and anti-corruption.

Local partnership model

All implementation of our programmes is done through local partner organisations, ensuring a cost effective, culturally sensitive and contextually appropriate approach to development. 

Our model means that the ripple effects continue even after our work has been completed, because the competence and knowledge remain in the local community. Good examples of this are our Adolescent Empowerment Programme - BongaTechnical Vocational Education Training (TVET)Community Manages Saving Groups (CMSG's) and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

Rights-based approach


Creating Livelihoods & Job Opportunities
Improve livelihoods for the rural poor through enhanced income generation.

Ensuring inclusive Quality Education
Ensuring inclusive quality education for disadvantaged groups, especially girls.

Building Strong Societies
Strengthen civil society and the public sector.

Our work is governed by the principles of these SDG's: