Without a broad set of donors and funding partners, Strømme Foundation would not be able to implement our programmes to help eradicate poverty. Photo: Nattanan-Kanchanaprat-pixabay.com

Donor partnership

Donors are partners that provide funding for our programme operations. Donors include institutional donors, business donors and philantropists.

Strømme Foundation has a diversified funding base. In 2019, 42% of our funding came from the Norwegian government, while income from other institutional donors made up 19% and business and private donors accounted for 39%. We place a high priority on remaining accountable our donors through clearly communicating the results and impact of our programmes.   

Donor partnerships are vital for the implementation of Strømme Foundation’s programmes to help eradicate poverty. 

I recent years, we have expanded our portfolio of international donors both through consortia with other INGOs and in partnership with governments. 

As part of our commitment to build the capacity of local partners, we provide training and we are also increasingly exploring opportunities for local resource mobilsation.