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A world without poverty


How we work

Creating livelihoods & job opportunities

Saving's groups is about giving poor, creative people access to small loans and financial services so that they can obtain a steady income and a secure future. 

ABC + 123 = Independence

Education provides both children and adults with valuable knowledge and skills that are necessary to give people a lasting foundation to help them improve their own lives.

Building strong societies

Knowing one's rights and having the tools to influence society by uniting with others in the same situation is paramount when climbing out of poverty.

We dream of a world without poverty

Some may say that this is an impossible dream.
But the pride and dignity we see
in each person that climbs
out of poverty,
is our proof that our dream 
may come true one day.

- Strømme Foundation

Help for self help

Strømme Foundation empowers people. We offer poor people the opportunity to stand on their own. In other words: Help to help themselves.

Sustainable development

Charitable gifts can seem relieving the moment they are received, but they do not contribute to sustainable development. That is why we give opportunities instead.

A rights based approach

Strømme Foundation is a rights based development organisation. Our aim is to help to climb out of poverty through ensuring inclusive quality education, creating livelihoods & job opportunitites and building strong societies.