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We want to eradicate poverty


«You don't empower people
by throwing money
after them.»
- Brandon Trung Moen made his pledge to Strømme Foundation

Did you know that...

More than one billion people live in extreme poverty, and gets by on less than a dollar per day.
More than one of four children in the global south is expected to drop out of school.
Job opportunities
There are 73 million unemployed people in the world. 50% are between 15 and 24 years.
Child marriages
Every third girl in the global south is married against their will before turning 18.


Why should you care?

Children at risk

Many children are in danger of not getting an education. They face domestic abuse, have few adult role models and have many opportunities taken away from them at an early age due to poverty.

A life on the streets, an early marriage, a violent gang, human traficking and abuse are all pending dangers:

Many people are ready to exploit these vulnerable children.

Gutt fra Bangladesh.
Jente ved symaskin, Bangladesh.

Job = Opportunities

If you are a mother or a father without a job, you’ll often struggle to provide enough food for your children. You can’t afford to send them to school, and even if you can you won’t be able to help them with homework because you can’t read or write yourself. Every day your children has to be locked inside the house alone whilst you are out, all day, making a living.

Life is unpredictable, you and your children are living from hand to mouth. There is no room for unforeseen expenses, like money for lifesaving medicine in case of illness. You dream of a better life for your children. If only you had a job!

There is hope

Not having a job leads to a lack of status in society. It hinders children, adolescents and adults in contributing in the development of a country. The problem does not stop at a country's borders. 

Adolescents lack education and vocational training. Adults lack the skills required to read and write. They also lack access to financial services such as savings, loans and insurance.

Everyone needs faith in themselves and a network of support that can strenghten them.

Gutta løper langs rismarkene i Bangladesh.

Strømme Foundation comes to your village

... a likely scenario:

Pengebunke, Foto: Per Fronth.
A woman receives a loan through one of our savings- and loan groups or microfinance institutions. She invests or saves the money. The group receives vocational training and information about good health and hygiene, and are informed of their rights.
Egg i en krukke
The woman now has enough money to buy a hen. The hen lays eggs that she sells on. She is now able to buy more chickens, and increase her income. She can afford to send her child to school or nursery, and she is able to provide for her family.
Jente, Bangladesh.
Life is improved and the economy is growing. The entrepreneur starts hiring help to her growing business from the neighborhood. She decides to install a water pump in the village, and thus betters the general health of the village population.
Lite barn med mammaen sin, Bangladesh.
The result: A sustainable development. The children get to be children, the adults have job opportunities, and the village can thrive without having to rely on others. One single loan has given lasting results and a ripple effect for a family and a whole village.