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Where we work

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has been controlled by a military junta since 1988 and has been isolated from the rest of the world because of this.

In recent years, the junta has chosen to move towards a more democratic direction.There are, however, strong tensions between different ethnic groups within the country, the UN reports.

Myanmar is rich in natural rescourses. However, these have not been used to its potential. Many years of economic misrule, international sanctions and tourist boicott has made the country to one of the world's poorest. The lack of infrastructure makes it hard for industries to be set up in different parts of the country.

About Myanmar (Burma)

  • Capital:

    Nay Pyi Taw
  • Population:

  • About the work:

    We started working here in 1997
    We have 2 partners here
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