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Award to human rights activist


Mrs Durga Ghimire (62) from Nepal receives Strømme Foundation “Help for Self Help” award for 2012.

Human rights activist Mrs. Durga Ghimire will receive the Norwegian NGO Strømme Foundation’s  Help for Self-Help award for 2012. She receives the award of 100.000 Norwegian Kroner in a ceremony in the town of Kristiansand, Norway on November 28th.

Mrs. Durga Ghimire receives the award in recognition of her passion and commitment towards protecting the rights of women and children, especially victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. She has dedicated her life and engagement as a human rights activist. Through her work she has brought hope and inspiration to thousands of girls and women who have been oppressed and exploited, yet found a way to start a new life for themselves with new hopes and new dreams.

– We are very happy that the committee has chosen to give this year's award to Mrs. Durga Ghimire. Through her work she has managed to put human trafficking and sex slavery on the political agenda in Nepal. Her work has led to a greater focus on this subject and it has rescued hundreds of girls from the seedy brothels and the cynical sex industry. Ghimire has prioritised the root causes of the conditions of these girls, says Secretary General of Strømme Foundation, Øyvind Aadland.

He underlines that her strong belief in education, promotion of self-confidence and livelihood support are key interventions in preventing human trafficking and rights suppression.
– Through her implementation, her work fully supports Strømme Foundation’s Help for Self-help ideology, says Mr Aadland.

Since Mrs. Ghimire founded the organization “Agro-forestry, Basic Health and Cooperatives (ABC) Nepal” Agro-forestry, Basic Health and Cooperatives (ABC) Nepal” in 1987, she has worked tirelessly to protect women and girls' rights. The organisation is the first in Nepal to put human trafficking, sexual abuse and slavery on the agenda. Mrs. Ghimire also receives the Help for Self-help award in recognition of her tireless work to change discriminating laws related to women and girls.

– Ghimire has a unique position when it comes to human rights, human trafficking and sexual slavery. Her involvement began already in 1975 when she was a student. She has faced much resistance and been imprisoned three times for her fight for human rights.

– Her eagerness to help oppressed women and children has never ended, says the head of the committee for the "Help for Self Help-award," Professor in development studies at Agder University, Arne Olav Øyhus.

For more Information:
Secretary General Øyvind Aadland: + 47 905 64 911
Media adviser Egil Mongstad: + 47 952 89 394